James Parenti: ‘Maybe That’s Why We Lost’ Review

James Parenti is one of those artists who seem to innovate music with their originality.  Originally from South Florida, he moved to New York to attend college. As a guitarist and singer, he released his first album, ‘Maybe That’s Why We Lost,last December in 2011.

What is unique about James Parenti’s music is the interesting perspective of his lyrics. He focuses more on imagery and conversations, than revealing outright his feelings. The song ‘Hand in her Hair’ best exemplifies this interesting idea. From it, one is much freer to interpret his music, which is best described as a very mellow kind of folk music. His lyrics are bittersweet, focusing on his past lover’s and experiences more than his own. His experiences, of course are present, in songs such as ‘Its Almost Always Raining.’ However, from this focus on these experiences, one sees Parenti’s creativity and amazing control over this view, which is actually quite refreshing.

Though his lyrics are quite bittersweet, the quality and tone of his music gives an uplifting feeling. Some songs are more upbeat than others, such as ‘Catching Snakes,’ and ‘Don’t Feed the Animals.’

James Parenti is definitely an artist who has brought a unique and original quality to their music. For his first album, it is definitely interesting and creative, and allows us to understand what he is about, musically.

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